Tengu Takao-san_English_Volunteer_Guide_Club

TENGU. Takao-san English Volunteer Guide Club, Tengu : 高尾山英語ボランティアガイドクラブ

About Us

TENGU, Takao-san English Volunteer Guide Club is a volunteer group to offer an English guided tour at Mt. Takao, and there are 30 members in our club as of March, 2018.

In January, 2010, Hachioji Tourism Association offered 3 months on-site training course for guiding Mt. Takao in English. TENGU was established in April, 2010 by 10 people who had completed this on-site training course for the purpose of conducting a regular on-site training to improve guiding skills and communication, and providing a free guide tour and assistance in English to the visitors from overseas.

The goals of our tour are to offer a free English guided tour to introduce the charm of Mt. Takao with the spirit of hospitality, and to lead our guests and members to the mutual understanding of each other through the tour.

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